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"They are the reason why..."


Butter Bird Books was started

                         because of two little girls...

One day, while looking through the books on the shelves of a bookstore, one thing became immediately apparent. My angels were not reflected in the stories I saw. Stories of adventure, stories of fantasy, stories of inspiration, yet none with the little brown faces that I call my Bird and my Butterfly (hence "Butter Bird Books"). In the few stories that did have black characters, all seemingly of one single hue, the children of color played the role of a background character or merely an associate of the protagonist. At such a developmental time, I find it of the utmost importance that, not only my daughters, but all children of color are able to see positive central images and faces that reflect their own to reinforce self-pride.

Showing our children that they are significant, beautiful and remarkable is our duty, purpose and pleasure.

-Butter Bird Books, Creator/CEO

Moses A. Hardie, III

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